Insider Look at the Brand New Norwegian Getaway – #UltimateGetaway

If you go waaaay back in my blog to when I was preggo, you’ll see or might remember that I went on a cruise to Belize and Mexico. Hmmmmm. Well, let’s just say being on a boat wasn’t the most glamorous for a nauseous pregnant woman, and I cried when they wouldn’t let me do any excursions. LOL – exactly – only I would CRY that I wasn’t allowed to go kayaking in the jungle of a third world country. Someone ear muff my OB/GYN! I just spent a lot of time laying around and eating – the life of a preggo.


So anyways, when The MOMS invited me to check out the brand spankin’ new Norwegian Cruise liner that was docked here in NYC, I thought it might be fun to see a cruise now that I wasn’t preggo, and see what has updated in the last couple years, and what I’ve missed out on. Seriously, the only cruise I was on ever was when I was preggo! Plus, it’s like 2 degrees here in NYC – the coldest winter we’ve had in an while, so jumping on a cruise ship for  a day sounded like the best way to kill some cabin fever.


Literally this boat is only 2 weeks old. It just got here from Germany and spent 10 days at sea. Sounds like a massive staff party to me?

Anyways, if you’ve never been on a cruise, it looks a lot like this:


- lots of restaurants and bars offering everything from sushi to Brazilian steaks. Great for a preggo, not so much for that tiny bikini you’ve been starving yourself to fit into.  This also include CakeBoss at Sea! Gah.



- really cool bars and nightclubs. Like this ice bar ON SHIP. It’s always 17 degrees (it might actually be warmer than NYC right now???) – you get to sit on ice and wear special jackets. Sounds like a “cool” way to cool off from the heat of the caribbean!


They also had the pretty sweet Grammy club  for live music – with actual clothes and memorabilia to check out like the Hard Rocks.


- don’t forget you have like a gazillion pools, hot tubs and slides

- spa day? Of course! Mani, Pedis and massages are all offered on board.

- fitness freak? Of course there’s a serious gym, and even a full track that goes around the outside and pools.

- kid time? I mean, drop-off-your-kids-for-parent-time? Yep! They have a serious kid area called Splash. So you can finally get a couple hours of sleep on the pool deck, get that pedicure you’ve been craving or just shop!

- Did I mention they have shopping on the ship? OF COURSE THEY DO!

- oh, and they have TWO theaters. TWO. One is the dinner stage called the Illusionarium where you  can eat and catch a show at the same time. The other  massive theater holds 800 people and previews live shows you could see on Broadway like Legally Blonde.



- If you want to be VIP like me (haha!) you can always opt for one of  the luxury suites. They have their own spa tubs in room, private pool and cabanas, and dining area! Swagger.


So if you have the travel bug like we do, this is a fun, luxuries way to see the world, a couple countries at a time. This particular boat will be leaving from Miami on 7 day cruises.

BUT DID YOU KNOW –  you can actually grab a cruise from right here in NYC? Yeah! They do 2-3 night cruises down the coast to Bermuda and back. Ummmm what? I didn’t even know that! And it’s really affordable – like under $300 a person! Forget tacking on some airline and hotel fees when you can literally take the subway to a boat that cruises you TO THE WARM SEAS.

Pretty sure we’ll be booking a long weekend shortly. Did someone say, Valentines Day to Claudio? hahahahaha -


Author: Stephanie Barnhart

Stephanie Barnhart is Author/Founder of, New York Editor for Mommy Nearest Magazine, and Founder/Social Media Strategist of Stephanie is also a speaker of best online practices for small business and soloprenurs, as well as an educator to parents on social media monitoring. She has also been seen in the New York Times, PARENTGUIDE News, NY Metro Parent, ABC News, and been a contributing author on various websites.

  • Allison Cooper

    Looks fab! I want to go on a cruise now and check out that ice bar!

    • Stephanie

      Only you would up for an ice bar in January haha xoxo. I’d like to check it out right about the time it hits Jamaica or Bermuda. lol