Simple Steps to Going Green for Earth Day


Before you do a double take and say….. GO GREEN? Coming from the girl who used to own a Hummer? Yes, even past Hummer-owners can be green! Even in NYC?  Yes! Especially in NYC! Think about it – we’re already one step ahead by taking the subway every day instead of driving, and the fact [...]

3 Awesome Events In NYC You Need to Check Out This Week


Some kids are still on Spring Break this week (jealous much?) and some of us, ahem, are just forever kids. Or maybe you’re a mom like me whose job IS to be and find the best kid-friendly things to do. Either way – here are 3 things going on you really don’t want to miss [...]

Throwback Thursdays Link-Up #7

Who doesn’t love a little #TBT? Sometimes our greatest posts don’t get enough love – so here’s your chance to let them shine! Welcome to our Throwback Thursday Weekly Link-up! Add a link to a blog post you think deserves to be in the spotlight again (as long as it fits the weekly theme!) and [...]

3 Reasons You Should Visit Vermont This Weekend


I have always had the travel bug, and since Maximo came along I have had to suppress it a little. Ok ok maybe not – I travel to Pittsburgh almost every other month and  last year I made it to Turks and Caicos, Puerto Rico and Martha’s Vineyard. This year so far Miami and Vermont [...]

How To Throw A Kid-Friendly Dinner Party


Now that we’re parents, we just don’t go out and party till 4 am like we used to. I know, all you single people out there are feeling depressed – give up your party lifestyle? I am pretty sure I’ve partied enough for 5 lifetimes, so it’s okay that I’m not out till the sun [...]