Budsies – Turn Artwork Into Life


A few weeks ago one of my New York mom friends asked me if I would be interested in turning some of Maximo’s artwork into real-life stuffed animals. HOW FREAKING COOL IS THAT?   Since Max really only takes the moderist approach to scribble all over my white leather office chair with pens, I figured [...]

5 Organic Baby Products for Mom and Baby


Way back many many years ago when Maximo was first born, I read a few articles about cancer-causing agents in top brand shampoos like Johnson and Johnson. They “claimed” they were going to remove them (in up to five years), but who really wants to take their chances on a newborn?  Well, in the last couple [...]

Flower Delivery To The Rescue! The Bouqs

the bouqs

I am not a girlie girl. Shocker. But sometime’s a girl needs flowers. Either from herself, a secret admirer, or dad, nothing makes someone feel special like seeing a box of roses show up on your doorstep. Or in my case, your doorman. Anyways, I have new obsession with The Bouqs so I wanted to [...]

Mastering the Vegetable Torte

vegetable torte

Seriously – it is just me, or is everyone just over-booked and busy these days? I remember always having something on the books, but lately I feel like it’s go go go. It took a rainy day at home to finally take the day to enjoy my favorite pastime – cooking! Yeah yeah, before you [...]

Spiders Alive! Returns to the American Museum of Natural History


One of our favorite AMNH exhibits, Spiders Alive!, returns on Friday, July 4 (it runs through November 2) and we couldn’t be more excited. Kids interested in spiders, scorpions and all things creepy crawly will be in awe as they get up-close with 20 different species of live arachnids (including 16 spider species, two scorpion [...]